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Cavallo Volunteers for Hurricane Katrina Victims. Click here to read the high resolution PDF.

Cavallo fearlessly unearthed the truth, which ultimately led prosecutors to drop charges. His commitment to the case resulted in positive outcomes for the client.

Only a select few attorneys truly possess the courage and dedication to thoroughly address every facet of their clients’ defense.

Cavallo says he vigorously and aggressively prosecutes fairly.


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Opt for a lawyer who radiates confidence, consistently wins cases, and strikes fear in opponents.

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OC Weekly |  March 18th 2005
by R. Scott Moxley
The Haidl trial went to the jury on March 17th, Whatever the verdict, one thing is clear: long after locals forget Greg Haidl they’ll all remember Haidl attorney, Joseph G. Cavallo. They’ll remember him as the shameless brute with cantaloupe sized biceps, a Jersey accent and high-end suits. They’ll remember his habit of preparing for trial as if he wanted to not merely to beat but to destroy legal opponents. They’ll recall that he bullies witnesses, taunts prosecutors and mocks judges. They’ll remember he’s capable of unleashing a frightening stream of obscenities at reporters he believes aren’t fair to his clients.
A few will recall his soft side. He’ll open doors for strangers, sincere words of encouragement and loves to laugh. His employees vigorously defend his character. Even his critics admit he’s a kind-hearted—even doting—father and loyal friend.
“I’ve done all I can do to help these boys” he said as the jury deliberated.
What sane criminal defendant wouldn’t want to hire Joe the Cur?
  • Mr. Cavallo also represents Rodrigo Requejo who was arrested December 22, 2004 for murder, attempted murder of twins and “special circumstances” alleging Mr. Requejo belonged to the Hells Angels. If convicted Mr. Requejo (married with three daughters) was facing life in prison, without possibility of parole.
  • Mr. Requejo claims he acted in self-defense when he stabbed the twins on the Foothill Toll road in Rancho Santa Margarita.
  • Mr. Cavallo was successful in getting the murder and attempted murder charges dismissed before making his first court appearance at the arraignment. With Mr. Cavallo’s passion and experience, he hired a team of investigators to thoroughly research this matter. It quickly came to the attention of the Orange County District Attorney’s office that this so-called “victim” in this matter was lying to the police and court authorities.

Los Angeles Times Article |  September 11th 2005

One promotes surfing events, another owns a restaurant, another is a high-profile attorney.
In a few basic ways, they’re like the rest of us. They saw what happened to the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina was through with it, and they were astounded. They sat slack-jawed as they realized what faced their fellow human beings and wish they could go down there to help out.
At that point the three Orange County men separated themselves from the rest of us: they went.
I come not to chastise the rest of us for staying here; I come to praise the three and untold others like them from across the country who didn’t stay.
Obviously, not everyone can interrupt their life and head for a storm-ravaged area. But more of us could do it then actually do. That’s not an indictment; its just the way we are. It doesn’t make our sympathies any less real or our desire to help any less benevolent.
Frank Garcia could have stayed home. No one would have blamed him. After all, he’s fed people for free every Thanksgiving for the last 19 years at his Anaheim restaurant La Casa Garcia. The numbers now go into the thousands.
When he saw TV coverage of Katrina, he first wanted to go help through the Red Cross. Then he decided it would be quicker to go himself. On Saturday he and 10 others from across southern California left in a van for Corpus Christi, Texas, were hundreds of hurricane victims are in limbo. With a giant portable kitchen provided by Jay’s Catering in Garden Grove, Garcia and crew hope to feed 1500 people a day.
“I’m a doer” Garcia said Friday afternoon. “I’m not a wannabe, when I saw the news I said thank God I can afford to do it.” Garcia hopes to be in Corpus Christi, which near where he grew up, for 2 weeks.
Joe Cavallo is a snazzy-dressing, fancy car-driving, hard-charging attorney who riled lots of people for his defense of Greg Haidl, one of three young men convicted on sexual assault charges this year. On Friday morning he headed for the Salvation Army camp in Biloxi Miss, according to friend and fellow attorney Peter Scalisi said, Cavallo’s plan was to head for New Orleans.
I couldn’t reach Cavallo, but Scalisi said his buddy went because he had a great sense of humanity and felt really bad for the victims down there. Joe’s been blessed with a lot of finer things in life and wanted to give something back Scalisi said. The idea it isn’t to provide lawyering. He’s up to his elbows in grime and grit and hard work,” Scalisi said. Late Friday afternoon, having talked to give out during the day.
Mike Sharp “does big way serving projects” in his normal life saying that Katrina took the normalcy away from hundreds of thousands of people, he acted. Using his knowledge of the water in how to get places.

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